On the road again…

the silk road


Traditionally the trade has made men travel (women a little less it is true …).

From the Silk Road to the stories of Marco Polo, so many mythical evocations that are certainly not foreign to the choice of a product so rich in such a story. I see myself in Kyrgyzstan, exploring the remains of Tash Rabat’s Caravanserai in the mountains near the Chinese border. The place was so evocative that I expected to see the long procession of a caravan …

Truce of daydreams it is time for me to leave and to endorse my range of business-tripeuse!

I have 4 weeks. June is probably not the month I would have chosen for tourism but we went to the serious stuff. On the program, Kathmandu to find a Nepali partner, then Delhi to order various essential accessories such as cards, bags and other labels. It will then be time to leave the Indian capital and the steaming oven of its 43 ° C before the monsoon to go north to the pashmina track. From weaving shawls in the valley of Kashmir to harvesting goat down in the Himalayan mountains of Ladakh, The Pashmina Road, soon on the blog of Princesse Moghole!

The brand

It must first be verified that the mark is still available, and then file it with the INPI, the National Institute of Industrial Property. She is then yours for the next 10 years …

Precisely after much hesitation and reworking the logo is ready. Champagne?

And 3 !

I received the check, carried the package to the post office, it is now official I sold my first pashminas on the internet! 3 to be exact, on the site of the Good Corner. They are joining their new owner in Angers …

I am aware, 3 pieces, it’s a little thin to do statistics but I do not care. I have already decided that the test has been transformed. Mogul Princess will live.

Next step ?

Photos, photos, more photos…

Fortunately I can always count on my trusty Nikon D300, because for the rest it looks very handmade … Full of good intentions I build a softbox, but it appears that nothing beats the good old light of the day. So it’s gone for a series of photos. 11 pashminas by 4 different arrangements, with or without flash, it makes uh … a lot of clichés!

The photos made, I write the text of the announcement, and post everything on Ebay and Le Bon Coin. My mailbox works? The wait begins …

Cette écharpe est un vrai pashmina 100% cachemire tissé à la main avec du pur pashmina cachemire récolté sur les chèvres du Ladakh.

Cette écharpe est un vrai pashmina 100% cachemire tissé à la main avec du pur pashmina cachemire récolté sur les chèvres du Ladakh.

Cette écharpe est un vrai pashmina 100% cachemire tissé à la main avec du pur pashmina cachemire récolté sur les chèvres du Ladakh.


Cette écharpe est un vrai pashmina 100% cachemire tissé à la main avec du pur pashmina cachemire récolté sur les chèvres du Ladakh.

Paris – Delhi

This is my first time in Delhi in March, the weather is just perfect. I live in Paharganj, the backpackers’ corner, as I have always done. Although of bad reputation the place has this reassuring side of places that have already been frequented and where one has his habits. Very quickly I change hotels, in India the good addresses never stay long and you have to know how to update. The quest can begin …

I will pass you the details. I have crisscrossed the city, across and across, blessing this new subway that keeps me from being scammed by the rickshaw drivers. On arrival I saw 6 different suppliers, bought 11 pieces as a sample, and was invited to dinner in a hyper select club legacy of the English colonial era. In the process I also imagined a temporary logo and made some business cards.

I’m thinking that this businesswoman costume is nice to wear …


It’s a girl !

And she will be called Moghole Princess. I like this word, it is round and soft, elegant and exotic. He reminds me of the Taj Mahal and the splendors of the East.

I am already warned against possible pejorative connotations, I do not pay too much attention but note in passing that it will certainly be necessary that I explain who were the Mughals …

In the process I buy the domain name .com, and my flight Paris – Delhi for a departure in 3 days. My Indian visa is still valid, it’s good.


First steps

Since we have to start somewhere, I followed the advice of Renaud, Mr. Renobijoux.com, entrepreneur as self-taught as wise, and incidentally former colleague. He suggests me to test the ability of the product to sell on the internet by offering some pieces on Ebay or Bon Coin. It does not matter if I make a profit or sell at a loss, the bottom line is that the product starts. I just need some pashminas but that’s where everything gets complicated.

I have identified only 2 stores in Paris that offer the quality that interests me but they sell at nearly 200 euros. For a sale price that I intend to set around 150 euros, it is more selling at a loss, it is a commercial suicide!

The solution is self-evident: I have to go and get them there, in India.
10 days in Delhi, too bad luck …


The idea

It is not so common to be able to point to the exact moment when an idea is born. Mine unfolded its wings on Friday, March 2 in the early afternoon. I remember telling myself, I’m going to set up an e-commerce, I’ll sell pashminas, real ones that I’ll pick from India. What do I have to lose?

My brand-new idea went out of control, smoothed its wings and after a brief moment of hesitation took flight. I watched her rise and said to myself all astonished, so it was you, whom I had been looking for all this time?

I realized later that she had been there long before, warmed up, waiting for her time, nourished by my uncertainties and hopes.

She was now looking at me kindly with an air of saying, So? What do we do next?

Cette étole en pur pashmina 100% cachemire a été tissée et brodée à la main à Srinagar capitale du Cachemire indien et du pashmina depuis des siècles

Luxury handwoven himalayan cashmere