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A Pashmina in Paris : the XXL pashmina

XXL pashmina 100% cashmeregiant pashmina 100% cashmere giant cashmere pashminasuperfine pashmina blanket in pure handwoven cashmere pashmina XXL cashmerenatural XXL pashminaMy favorite accessory when I travel: the XXL pashmina! Imagine the cozy comfort of a plaid associated with the lightness and incomparable softness of the finest cashmere in the world … The XXL pashmina is without doubt the lightest and warmest cover that can exist: 290g of pure handwoven sweetness woven! In short, the blanket essential to badly regulated aircon in the aircraft …

HOW TO WEAR … An authentic hand-embroidered pashmina


Invest in beautiful basics and keep them for a long time …
Weaving and embroider by hand an authentic Pashmina takes months, according to a know-how that is transmitted for centuries. #slowfashion #ethical #luxury

ASHLEY Black Handmade pashmina shawl 100% himalayan cashmere embroidered by hand. One-of-a-kind piece. 590€

look embroidered pashmina


 Coat Saint Laurent

Jean skinny Saint Laurent

Santiag boots Golden Goose

Bag Igor Jérôme Dreyfuss

Wich pashmina with a trench-coat?

Essential piece of the half-season dressing room, the trench coat is more than ever essential this spring!

Beware of drafts and a true pashmina, handwoven with the finest cashmere harvested in the Himalayas, is unquestionably the perfect accessory, halfway between the scarf and the foulard. .

So ? Wich pashmina with a trench-coat ?

BRETON SPIRIT for a timeless piece with the ARMOR pashmina, in red or classic

trench and cashmere pashmina

pashmina cashmere armor

trench with a cashmere pashmina shawl with breton stripespashmina cachemire navy stripes


THE DISCREET LUXURY of a unique piece that only  belongs to yourself: a handwoven pashmina stole in pure cashmere embroidered by hand. ARIEL TAUPE, for an elegance in tone on tone.


wich pashmina with a trenchembroidered pashmina stole


THE FINEST AND LIGHTEST of all, the exceptional quality of the hand-woven TOOSH Pashmina, probably the most luxurious cashmere in the world, an exclusive Princesse Moghole.

wich pashmina with a trenchtoosh pashmina

CHAMELEON worn as a scarf, the versatile piece par excellence is ideal for mid-season: PABLO, the poncho pashmina dual sided.

poncho pashmina cashmeretrench with a reversible pashmina poncho

Wich pashmina for spring time ? 🌸

Did you really thought the cashmere was reserved for winter? You do not know pashmina yet, the finest of all cashmere hand-harvested in the Himalayas. Lightweight, breathable and thermal regulator it is your best friend in all seasons. His only fault? You will soon be unable to do without it …

For a minimal footprint, the scarf version of genuine pashmina: le Carré, available in 3 colors.

the natural beige Carré is the perfect spring pashminaHandwoven pashmina 100% cashmere Square Natural beige, 119€


Always trendy and definitely timeless: the marinière in true pashmina version. An exclusivity Princesse Moghole to wear in the feminine as in the masculine.

the breton stripes handwoven cashmere stole is the must have spring pashminaa designer model in pure cashmere pashmina for spring

ARMOR BLUE, handwoven pashmina stole 100% cashmere, 169€


And what if pashmina was like a real outfit? Because one should not have to choose between warmth and elegance, spring is the perfect season to take out poncho pashmina. Its impeccable fall ensures you chic and looks in all circumstances!

the poncho pashmina 100% cashmere is a perfect outfit for springa cashmere poncho can be the perfect spring pashmina

PABLO, poncho handwoven pashmina 100% cashmere reversible, 390€


Our real pashminas are hand-woven by craftsmen in Kashmir with lots of love and patience. For a touch of originality while discretion, adopt the stripes of true pashmina Ikat way,

a striped pashmina is the perfect scarf for spring

ALEX Ikat, handwoven pashmina stole 100% cashmere Limited Edition, 189€

Do you prefer the exclusivity of a unique piece: can your crush await you from the collection of embroidered Pashminas? For centuries kashmiris have been celebrating nature by embroidering their pashminas with floral motifs.

spring pashmina with embroidered flowers

Hand-woven hand-embroidered pashmina stole 100% cashmere One-of-a-kind


And of course the real plain Pashmina in stole size, the most suitable for the beautiful season, essential in case of drafts. It comes in 30 colors, from the brightest to the most classic: no excuse not to find yours!

the pashmina stole in plain color is the perfect spring pashmina

Handwoven pashmina stole 100% cashmere, 149€

Wich pashmina for a man ? Our tips and selection.

A little manual for men: here are our tips and some suggestions to wear with style his pashmina in men!

> The most “dandy” with its moire reflections: the handwoven Pashmina reversiblemen pashminas for a dandy lookReal handwoven pashmina 100% cashmere reversible  yellow / Beige, 189€

The most “creative” with its ikat-like stripes: the Pashmina with ikat stripes Édition Limitée

perfect style with this ikat men pashminaReal handwoven pashmina 100% cashmere with Ikat stripes, 189€

> The most “natural”, entirely spun and woven by hand without chemicals: the organic Pashmina from ladakhthe most natural : the organic men pashminaReal organic ladakhi pashmina shawl 100% cashmere organic  natural white, 390€

> The most “cozy” in pure cashmere of Mongolia: the stole Twill 100% cashmere100% mongolian cashmere scarf in khaki100% pure mongolian cashmere scarf khaki, 99€

> The most classic natural Mongolian cashmere cashmere : the scarf  Natural 2 plyhandwoven cashmere scarf from Nepal100% mongolian cashmere 2ply scarf natural grey, 119€

> Must-have, the absolute must-drool in 4 sizes and nearly 30 colors : The genuine handwoven himalayan cashmere pashmina 
beige pashmina is a basic men pashminaHandwoven pashmina stole 100% cashmere natural brown, 149€

Finally a specific advice to these gentlemen: pay attention to the beards! The thick hairs of nascent beards can hold small particles of cashmere by friction, unfortunately leading to premature wear of your scarf … A beautiful pashmina is worth a close shave!


In Nicaragua with Princesse Moghole: poncho pashmina adopts cowboy poncho style

Visiting the Chilamate rancho in Nicaragua, the poncho pashmina shoes the cowboy boots and adopts a very luxury cowboy poncho style. Entirely hand-woven in pure Himalayan cashmere, the poncho pashmina is completely reversible and can be worn in many ways: a true chameleon essential for traveling!

luxury cowboy poncho in pure handwoven himalayan cashmere

the pashmina poncho can be worn in many ways

cowboy poncho in pure cashmere worn as a scarf

pashmina on the black side for a cowboy poncho style

Starring : PABLO Red, reversible poncho pashmina 100% handwoven himalayan cashmere

Photo credit : Sixtine Lobry & Claire Denouel

cowboy au nicaragua sur la plage