Wich pashmina with a trench-coat?

Essential piece of the half-season dressing room, the trench coat is more than ever essential this spring!

Beware of drafts and a true pashmina, handwoven with the finest cashmere harvested in the Himalayas, is unquestionably the perfect accessory, halfway between the scarf and the foulard. .

So ? Wich pashmina with a trench-coat ?

BRETON SPIRIT for a timeless piece with the ARMOR pashmina, in red or classic

trench and cashmere pashmina

pashmina cashmere armor

trench with a cashmere pashmina shawl with breton stripespashmina cachemire navy stripes


THE DISCREET LUXURY of a unique piece that only  belongs to yourself: a handwoven pashmina stole in pure cashmere embroidered by hand. ARIEL TAUPE, for an elegance in tone on tone.


wich pashmina with a trenchembroidered pashmina stole


THE FINEST AND LIGHTEST of all, the exceptional quality of the hand-woven TOOSH Pashmina, probably the most luxurious cashmere in the world, an exclusive Princesse Moghole.

wich pashmina with a trenchtoosh pashmina

CHAMELEON worn as a scarf, the versatile piece par excellence is ideal for mid-season: PABLO, the poncho pashmina dual sided.

poncho pashmina cashmeretrench with a reversible pashmina poncho