Queen Maxima of the Netherlands is a great lover of genuine pashminas

She is undoubtedly one of the most elegant queens in the gotha: radiant and charismatic, Maxima of the Netherlands is renowned for her taste and has established herself as a style icon! As her outfits come under the microscope, one thing is clear: Maxima is a huge fan of real pashminas and has a collection worthy of a true fan! Indeed, the prestige of genuine hand-crafted Pashminas from Kashmir has seduced the world’s great and good for centuries, and today this exceptional shawl still adorns the shoulders of queens and princesses who love this discreet and still very exclusive hand-crafted luxury.

Although Maxima’s wardrobe includes many shawls to match her outfits, it’s clear that genuine pashminas hold a special place in her heart. Witness this natural pashmina shawl, which she carries with her Valentino dress as well as the matching silk stole: it’s true that real pashmina, so fine and soft, is also very warm and therefore ideal to complement an evening outfit that shows off the shoulders.

Maxima des pays bas adore les pashminasLa reine Maxima porte un châle pashmina naturel

Maxima’s favourite? An iconic one: the undyed natural beige Pashmina shawl, which she wears both draped and as a scarf around her neck. The natural shades of pashminas remain emblematic of this exceptional fabric and are a sure bet!

Maxima porte un châle pashmina beige drapémaxima des pays bas porte un pashminaMaxima et son écharpe pashmina beige clairMaxima porte un pashmina écru naturel

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But Maxima also has a whole collection of plain coloured Pashminas to match her outfits. She seems particularly fond of blues and purples.

Maxima et son pashmina violet réversibleMaxima des Pays Bas porte un pashmina violet Maxima porte une écharpe en cachemire bleu marine La reine Maxima porte un châle pashmina en cachemire bleu marine

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Maxima has also fallen for exclusive hand-embroidered pieces, which she sublimates with her elegance. Maxima of the Netherlands is a magnificent ambassador for genuine pashminas!

Maxima porte un pashmina brodé moutarde

La reine Maxima porte un châle en pashmina pur cachemire brodé main

La reine Maxima porte un pashmina rose en cachemire brodé à la main

Maxima porte un châle pashmina brodé à la main

Maxima des Pays-Bas porte un véritable pashmina bleu brodé à la main

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Maxima also owns a magnificent kani shawl, the most prestigious pashmina of all because it takes months to weave.

La reine Maxima des Pays bas porte un châle pashmina kaniMaxima et un magnifique kani à booti bleus

It seems that the next generation of weavers is assured, as Maxima has apparently passed on her passion to her daughters!

les princesses des pays bas et leurs pashminasla famille royale des pays bas et ses vrais pashminas