Ashley Olsen, pashmina fan !

Gone are the days when the Olsen twins played the heroines of a television series: they are now sophisticated fashionistas and formidable businesswomen! In 2007 they created The Row, a luxury ready-to-wear line that favors beautiful materials, quality cuts and sober and refined lines: success is immediate.

What can you want when you already have everything? The unique handmade piece is the only true luxury. No wonder Ashley is a true fan of pashminas and collects the unique embroidered designs. In the street or on the red carpet, she does not go out without her real pashmina shawl. Small preview in pictures:

ashley olsen pashmina fan

ashley olsen pashmina fan in the street

NON EXCLUSIVE May 8th 2012: Ashley Olsen and female friend seen going to office building in Tribeca, New York City, USA.

ashley olsen in the street with an handmade pashmina

ashley olsen pashmina fan

ashley olsen pashmina fanashley olsen on the red carpet with a beige pashminatumblr_lqvolraX3o1qey15to1_500

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Authentic hand-embroidered cashmere Pashmina, stole size, from 350 to 490€, or shawl size : from 590 to 1690€