Wich pashmina for a man ? Our tips and selection.

A little manual for men: here are our tips and some suggestions to wear with style his pashmina in men!

> The most “dandy” with its moire reflections: the handwoven Pashmina reversiblemen pashminas for a dandy lookReal handwoven pashmina 100% cashmere reversible  yellow / Beige, 189€

The most “creative” with its ikat-like stripes: the Pashmina with ikat stripes Édition Limitée

perfect style with this ikat men pashminaReal handwoven pashmina 100% cashmere with Ikat stripes, 189€

> The most “natural”, entirely spun and woven by hand without chemicals: the organic Pashmina from ladakhthe most natural : the organic men pashminaReal organic ladakhi pashmina shawl 100% cashmere organic  natural white, 390€

> The most “cozy” in pure cashmere of Mongolia: the stole Twill 100% cashmere100% mongolian cashmere scarf in khaki100% pure mongolian cashmere scarf khaki, 99€

> The most classic natural Mongolian cashmere cashmere : the scarf  Natural 2 plyhandwoven cashmere scarf from Nepal100% mongolian cashmere 2ply scarf natural grey, 119€

> Must-have, the absolute must-drool in 4 sizes and nearly 30 colors : The genuine handwoven himalayan cashmere pashmina 
beige pashmina is a basic men pashminaHandwoven pashmina stole 100% cashmere natural brown, 149€

Finally a specific advice to these gentlemen: pay attention to the beards! The thick hairs of nascent beards can hold small particles of cashmere by friction, unfortunately leading to premature wear of your scarf … A beautiful pashmina is worth a close shave!