Slow fashion : le restaurateur de Pashminas

If pashminas are treasures that are handed down from generation to generation, it seems obvious that they will not be thrown to the slightest hitch. They are then entrusted to the restaurateur …

A small room on the first floor of a house in the old town of Srinagar. Patience and fairy fingers are in the spotlight for a work of infinite detail: time passes differently in Kashmir. An example to follow, at a time when the West is forced to conceptualize the “slow fashion” to ward off the excesses of the consumer society … (Slow fashion and Pashminas will be the subject of a future article 😉)

the pashmina repairer in srinagar: slow fashion

It is a richly embroidered shawl. He asked for more than a year of work and the delicate natural ecru pashmina of the border was torn. The pashm threads are then recovered and patiently re-inserted into the weft to reproduce the pattern of weave armor.

to repair a cashmere pashminadarning a pashmina darning a torn pashmina

But this is nothing compared to the book that awaits him: an old shahtoosh who has suffered well from the ravages of time … 😱

old shahtoosh holetrue old shahtoosh very damaged

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