New! REVA, two-tone double sided cashmere pashmina stole

New! Here is REVA, the two-tone double sided cashmere pashmina stole in pure handwoven himalayan cashmere.

two-tone red and black cashmere pashmina

REVA is the fruit of the extraordinary know-how of Kashmiri. Entirely woven by hand, it has two faces of two different colors. To achieve this, the loom will be mounted with a natural beige chain, then the two selected colors will be woven on each side with the arrival, a tighter and thicker. A quality that on equal surface requires a greater amount of pashmina, almost 70% more than for a classic “ring shawl”.

two-tone pink and yellow pashmina cashmere


If REVA differs from other pashminas by falling heavy to the silky aspect, it has of course the extraordinary softness, with the bonus of iridescent reflections due to the different colors of the used threads that merge with refinement. Yes you have recognized it, it is the quality that we selected for our poncho pashmina.

REVA is now available in stole format 80 x 180cm, and in 5 colors double face:

> Light and dark grey

> Naturel beige and ivory

> Pink and yellow

> Red and black

double sided cashmere pashmina in many colors

pashmina cashmere double sided grey pashmina cashmere double sided pink and yellow double sided cashmere pashmina stole red and black