The idea

It is not so common to be able to point to the exact moment when an idea is born. Mine unfolded its wings on Friday, March 2 in the early afternoon. I remember telling myself, I’m going to set up an e-commerce, I’ll sell pashminas, real ones that I’ll pick from India. What do I have to lose?

My brand-new idea went out of control, smoothed its wings and after a brief moment of hesitation took flight. I watched her rise and said to myself all astonished, so it was you, whom I had been looking for all this time?

I realized later that she had been there long before, warmed up, waiting for her time, nourished by my uncertainties and hopes.

She was now looking at me kindly with an air of saying, So? What do we do next?

Cette étole en pur pashmina 100% cachemire a été tissée et brodée à la main à Srinagar capitale du Cachemire indien et du pashmina depuis des siècles