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Update of the rate on October 1st

Did you know that it was in the Himalayas at 5000m altitude that cashmere was born? For centuries, goats have been combed there to collect their warm and warm winter down.
Today Himalayan cashmere represents less than 1% of world production, we call this handmade ethical cashmere : Pashmina.

Since 2012 Princesse Moghole shares her passion, that of these exceptional accessories that are the real pashminas, with the mission to offer you, in all transparency, an irreproachable quality at the best price.

Cashmere is a rare and expensive raw material, the price of which continues to rise. It’s been 7 years since we resisted this trend by putting a point of honor to keep our prices unchanged, which is unfortunately no longer possible: to guarantee the same quality we will have to increase the price of Plain cashmere Pashminas.

So we wanted to inform our customers that an update will take place on October 1st: it will concern stoles, whose price will increase to € 169 and shawls, which will increase to € 259.

CONTEST: Who wants to win a pashmina?

It’s official, the cold is here! Who wants to win a Pashmina?

Princesse Moghole and Hélène from Mon blog de fille offer to win a stole in pure pashmina pure cashmere worth € 149, a color to choose from our range of 37 colors!

To participate, go to Instagram on Hélène @monblogdefille‘s account and follow the instructions:

1️⃣ Be a subscriber to Instagram account @monblogdefille
2️⃣ subscribe to @princessemoghole‘s Instagram account
3️⃣ Say to him in comment under the post which color you will choose if you win, where you live, and tag two friends
4️⃣ You have until Monday, November 26 at 18h to participate, and Helen will give the name of the winner here under this post.


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❄️🐐 Ça fait longtemps que je vous parle de cachemire sur mon blog, j’aime beaucoup la noblesse de cette matière. J’ai découvert @princessemoghole il y a 2 ans, j’avais écrit un article dessus : les conditions de création sont telles qu’on les aime (tout fait à la main par des artisans payés normalement) et les produits sont magnifiques ! ❄️🐐 La fondatrice de la marque vous propose de gagner un de ses splendides pashminas en cachemire (étole de 70 x 200 cm, valeur 149 €) ! J’en ai un, c’est une merveille de chaleur et de douceur ! ❄️🐐 Il y a 37 (!!) couleurs que vous pouvez voir sur le site, en lien sur la page Instagram de @princessemoghole, et le concours est ouvert à l’international ! ❄️🐐 Pour participer vous devez : 1️⃣ Etre abonnée à mon compte Instagram 2️⃣ Être abonnée au compte Instagram de @princessemoghole 3️⃣ Me dire en commentaire quelle couleur vous choisirez si vous gagnez, où vous habitez, et taguer deux amies 4️⃣ Vous avez jusqu’au lundi 26 novembre à 18h pour participer, et je donnerai le nom du gagnant ou de la gagnante ici sous ce post. ❄️🐐 #cachemire #cashmerescarf #pashminas #pashminascarf #indiancashmere

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The Poncho Pashmina is back in a new version

PABLO, the reversible poncho in pure himalayan cashmere is finally back in its new version!

Its proportions have been redesigned to fit all morphologies, whether you measure 1.60m or 1.75m.

the pashmina poncho is dual tone reversible

We have developed an exclusive seam to replace the jewelry buttons. This one is entirely embroidered by hand in pure 100% cashmere pashmina thread to guarantee impeccable finishes worthy of haute couture and a total reversibility of the model.

poncho pashmina 100% pure cashmere

n order for this reversibility to be perfect, we have replaced the brand labels with our new vermeil labels, small charms engraved in 925 silver plated with 24ct gold.

poncho pashmina natural

poncho pashmina reversible on the black sideponcho pashmina reversible on the red sideponcho pashmina dressed as a stoleponcho pashmina rouge as a scarf



The Pashmina Poncho has been designed as the versatile accessory par excellence, as elegant in poncho version with its silky drapery, as practical in scarf version around your neck.

No more puzzle to constantly adjust your shawl around your shoulders, the poncho pashmina will not be long in becoming a must-have of your nomad dressing.

Quickly draped, it wraps itself elegantly around your figure to warm you up in style, making it the ideal accessory for the mid-season, but is just as comfortable wrapped around your neck as the weather demands.

Combining the French design style with an exceptional artisanal craftsmanship worthy of haute couture, entirely hand-made, poncho pashmina stands out as the ultra-luxury alternative to cashmere ponchos.

The Pashmina Poncho is an exclusive Princesse Moghole model.


PABLO, reversible handwoven cashmere pashmina poncho, 390€

PABLO comes in 4 dual tone reversible colors: Red and Black, Slate Gray and Pearl Gray, Sapphire Blue and Navy Blue and Beige and Natural Ivory.

poncho pashmina 100% cashmere dual shaded blackponcho pashmina 100% cashmere dual shaded red and blackponcho pashmina 100% cashmere dual shaded blueponcho pashmina 100% cashmere dual shaded blueponcho pashmina 100% cashmere dual shaded greyponcho pashmina 100% cashmere dual shaded greyponcho pashmina 100% cashmere dual shaded naturalponcho pashmina 100% cashmere dual shaded beige


The TOOSH Pashmina finally available in 3 colors!

This announcement will make happy: the TOOSH Pashmina is finally back in stock in 3 colors!

The TOOSH pashmina is the finest quality of pashmina, incomparable of softness, lightness and warmth. It is closest to shahtoosh, the famous shawl of Tibetan antelope (now banned for sale to protect the endangered species). The first time I touched a TOOSH pashmina I instantly fell under his spell to the point of reserving one immediately: he has since become my favorite “comforter”!

Unfortunately like all exceptional pieces the TOOSH pashmina is difficult to obtain, which explains the frequent stockouts. Only the most talented craftsmen are able to weave it on a regular basis, and they are in great demand! And yes it seems that many unscrupulous traders sell them on the black market as shahtoosh (between 2000 and 10000 € each)
eco shahtoosh

The TOOSH Pashmina comes in the 3 natural colors of the goat down. To maintain its extraordinary sweetness we have chosen not to dye it (a dye will inevitably damage the fiber and it is a pity at this level of quality). The gray beige color, which has been out since last December, is back in stock, as are the natural ivory and a new bright beige. As always stocks are limited …


natural eco shahtoosh


The Natural Grey brown TOOSH Pashmina, 100% pure handwoven himalayan cashmere, 1m x 2m, 590€eco shahtoosh grey brown


The Natural light beige TOOSH Pashmina,100% pure handwoven himalayan cashmere, 1m x 2m, 590€eco shahtoosh light beige


The Natural ivory TOOSH Pashmina, 100% pure handwoven himalayan cashmere, 1m x 2m, 590€eco shahtoosh ivory

Our new label: a 925 silver 24K gold plated charm!

If the word “pashmina” comes from the Persian پشمینه / pašmina, which means “woolen pashm”, Himalayan goat’s fleece, in Kashmiri the term translates literally as “soft gold”

Indeed each pashmina is a treasure, patiently hand-made by a succession of passionate artisans, proud to continue a tradition of 500 years. So we had the desire to distinguish it from all these items produced in the chain in factories – including cashmere – by creating a special label, which is different from a simple woven label.

What’s better than a jewel to sublimate a gem?

So we imagined this small engraved medal, which will honor him discretely, and have luxuriously made vermeil (925 silver plated 24K gold) by a specialist in jeweler’s finishing.

pashmina gold

This new label will equip our limited edition collection for the moment, before moving on to the whole range of real pashminas.

We love it. What about you ?

pashmina gold


Mother’s Day Special offer : -30% on the Poncho Pashmina!

Princesse Moghole celebrates moms, and offers you exceptionally -30% on Pashminas Ponchos!

This luxurious hand-woven double-sided pashmina scarf is transformed as you wish into an elegant reversible poncho with shimmering reflections: you just need to attach delicate jewelry buttons on the shoulder! One size, the pashmina poncho knows flatter all the silhouettes and will not be long in asserting itself as the indispensable of your dressingroom …

PABLO, reversible poncho in real pashmina 100% cashmere: 273 € instead of 390 € until 31 May.


Offrir un poncho pashmina pour la fête des mères !

PABLO BEIGECe poncho réversible naturel a été tissé main en véritable pashmina pur cachemire


Ce poncho réversible rouge et noir a été tissé main en véritable pashmina pur cachemire

PABLO BLACK/BLUECe poncho réversible bleu et noir a été tissé main en véritable pashmina pur cachemire

PABLO GREYCe poncho a été tissé à la main en véritable pashmina pur cachemire


New! REVA, two-tone double sided cashmere pashmina stole

New! Here is REVA, the two-tone double sided cashmere pashmina stole in pure handwoven himalayan cashmere.

two-tone red and black cashmere pashmina

REVA is the fruit of the extraordinary know-how of Kashmiri. Entirely woven by hand, it has two faces of two different colors. To achieve this, the loom will be mounted with a natural beige chain, then the two selected colors will be woven on each side with the arrival, a tighter and thicker. A quality that on equal surface requires a greater amount of pashmina, almost 70% more than for a classic “ring shawl”.

two-tone pink and yellow pashmina cashmere


If REVA differs from other pashminas by falling heavy to the silky aspect, it has of course the extraordinary softness, with the bonus of iridescent reflections due to the different colors of the used threads that merge with refinement. Yes you have recognized it, it is the quality that we selected for our poncho pashmina.

REVA is now available in stole format 80 x 180cm, and in 5 colors double face:

> Light and dark grey

> Naturel beige and ivory

> Pink and yellow

> Red and black

double sided cashmere pashmina in many colors

pashmina cashmere double sided grey pashmina cashmere double sided pink and yellow double sided cashmere pashmina stole red and black

Arrival of new embroidered Pashminas

new embroidered pashmina

The new sweets have arrived on the site: new models of embroidered pashminas are online! As always each piece is unique and will not be reassigned.

Will you crack for …

JANIS, in blue or red, with a bohemian chic spirit?

new embroidered pashminas with boho stylethis is one of the new embroidered pashminas











BONNIE, completely reversible, who offers you two pashminas in one?

new embroidered pashminas with reversible embroideryreversible hand embroidered pashmina











or BIANCA whose delicate white embroidery seems printed on pashmina?

embroidered cashmere pashmina stolenew embroidered pashminas